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THE Back Porch

The story's that mold our lives.

There is just something about sitting on the back porch and having a chat with the person you considered the wise figure in your life. Whether that be your grandpa, mom, an uncle, grandmother

or in cases like mine, my dad. 

Life lessons have the opportunity to come to life sitting on the

back porch. 

I remember many of his stories.  I want to share with you a few stories that I remember about my dad, but also the lesson too. We weren't always just sitting on the back porch, but our experiences always ended up as stories talked about on the porch.

Here are few stories, lessons and just some feel-good messages that maybe take you back to that same place I go...

To the Back Porch. 

Although much of what we will cover is meant for men, many ladies will find comfort in these stories.  Realizing their husband is normal, their young sons aren't the torrent they thought they were or maybe just comfort to share these stories with their husbands. 

I am compiling a list of stories that stem from deep rooted life lessons that resonate with some of the most painful issues that most men deal with today. 

Have grace on me...

This mission is important.  So, until we are ready...

Reference my message to men here.

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